Structural Engineers vs Civil Engineers: What's the Difference?

When it comes to building and maintaining structures, there are two types of engineers that come to mind: structural engineers and civil engineers. Although they both work in the field of engineering, there are some key differences between the two disciplines. Structural engineers are civil engineers, but not all civil engineers are structural engineers. Civil engineering is a first degree course that includes disciplines such as transportation engineering, geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering and link building marketplace.Civil engineers design and maintain structures such as public and private buildings, water systems, airports, and roads.

They ensure that materials do not weaken and endanger the lives of the people who use the building or structure. Structural engineering is a subgroup or specialty of civil engineering that deals with the analysis, design and construction of infrastructure projects. Structural engineers analyze, design, build and maintain structures and materials that counteract or reinforce loads. They are also responsible for assessing problems that have arisen or may arise in the future and proposing solutions to rectify those problems.

When it comes to building a new house, remodeling, adding additions to existing structures, accessory housing units, commercial buildings on land, all of these would require a structural engineer. Cases and claims involving the collapse of terraces and balconies, falling roofs and the collapse of towers and bridges must have structural engineers involved in the investigation. Choosing whether to hire a civil engineer or a structural engineer will depend primarily on the type of structure, the geographic location of the project, and other design and evaluation requirements of the engineering project. As companies and governments build new structures or seek to repair old ones, both structural and civil engineers will be in demand to complete these projects.

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