Can an Architect Do Structural Engineering?

Architectural engineering is a discipline that combines practical and theoretical knowledge for the design of building systems and structural aspects of engineering. Architectural engineers possess knowledge of mechanical, electrical, and structural systems for building design. They are responsible for the management of the construction process, ensuring safety and structural engineering. Structural engineers and architects work together on construction projects, but they complete different tasks.

Structural engineers focus on how a building is built and what materials should be used to ensure durability, while architects put more effort into what a building will look like and on aesthetics. Blueprints or technical drawings are one way for engineers and architects to communicate their ideas with each other. Structural engineers design the structure of buildings, pipes, and bridges so that they can support their own weight. Architects build “wills of the human spirit” with fashion magazines dedicated to their work, while structural engineers talk about rigidity and load factors and remain anonymous until something goes wrong.

Architectural engineers also work in buildings and solve technical and mechanical problems during construction. The development of steel I-beams was precisely what architects needed to build taller buildings; as a result, skyscrapers began to soar into the sky. The height and beauty of buildings and other structures cannot be achieved without the efforts of both types of engineering. If you're lucky, you may find a master's course in structural engineering that will take you with a degree and experience in architecture, or an employer who will train you on the job. When planning a home expansion or renovation project, it is important to consider whether you should hire a structural engineer or architect.

Structural engineers consider strength and durability when designing a building, while architects focus more on the appearance of the building. If you have already hired a structural engineer before hiring an architect, you may not need an architect. Data USA reports that there are about 4.5 million people in the workforce who hold an architectural engineering degree, which is similar to the number of structural engineers. This makes architectural engineering a comparable option for hired professionals.

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