What are the Subjects of Structural Engineering?

Structural engineering is a subdiscipline of civil engineering that focuses on the design and analysis of structures. Structures can range from pipelines to bridges, buildings to large air and water vessels such as airplanes and ships. In India, most colleges, universities, and technical institutes do not offer structural engineering at the undergraduate level. However, interested candidates can pursue the program at the master's level as a civil engineering major.

The top 10 industries that recruit structural engineers are Civil Engineering, Construction, Petroleum & Energy, Design, Mechanical or Industrial Engineering, Architecture & Planning, Aviation & Aerospace, Information Technology & Services, Automotive and Real Estate. To become a successful structural engineer, it is important to master science and mathematics. In some states, a separate license is required to design special or high-risk structures such as schools, hospitals, or skyscrapers. The Master of Engineering (Structural Engineering) program allows students to build on their existing university degree in engineering by developing specialized technical knowledge in structural engineering.

The program requires 72 credit points (cp), including 24 cp from specialized units, 24 cp of engineering management, a minimum project of 12 cp and up to 12 cp of elective units. The United Kingdom has one of the oldest professional institutions for structural engineers - the Institution of Structural Engineers. With a degree in civil or structural engineering from Australia's leading university†, students will develop technical expertise in structural engineering to understand how structures and buildings resist and transfer natural and other forces to the ground. To obtain a license for structural engineering in some states, specific experience is required that cannot be concurrent with the experience claimed for another engineering profession.

With this degree program, students will develop the ability to create innovative solutions to structural engineering challenges using a variety of materials such as steel, wood and concrete and solve advanced design problems.

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