Revolutionizing the e-commerce of Wheels and Tyres with Ozzy Tyres

For over 30 years, Ozzy Tyres has been revolutionizing the e-commerce of wheels and tyres. With a catalogue of over 100,000 items, they offer 300 different styles of wheels in various colors and finishes. In the past five months, they have made outstanding sales and have done over $1 million in sales just through Zip.

Ozzy Tyres is the first to package up a set of wheels and tyres and offer them online to a customer. They ship the wheels with fitted and balanced tires, supplied ready to bolt straight onto the vehicle. They also provide over 1,000 different tyres, including their Monsta 4×4 or 4-wheel drive product which is doing exceptionally well. This tyre has the comfort of a road tyre, which is quiet but performs off-road. The company is selling it to three other countries: New Zealand, Singapore, and Thailand meet increasing demand from other Australian tyre retailers.

Ozzy Tyres has contracts with large retailers such as Bob Jane and Beaurepairs, with over 400 stores. Retail makes up 30 percent to 40 percent of the business, and much of the marketing is through social media. They have over 230,000 followers and use social media a lot. Ozzy Tyres knows the market well and has the power to determine its direction. They are a company that takes pride in its products and services. The competitors are always looking at what they are doing to imitate them, whether a product or marketing style. By the time they have copied them, they have evolved to another style.

Ozzy Tyres offers the best fitment guarantee which is implemented in all their retail stores and online stores. To learn more about them, one can connect to Ozzy Tyres on Instagram at @ozzytyres. With their lower prices and innovative approach to e-commerce, Ozzy Tyres is revolutionizing the market for wheels and tyres.

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