Structural Engineering: An Essential Part of Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines, with a history that dates back to the development of civilizations. It is offered at universities as a first degree course and includes disciplines such as transportation engineering, geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering and structural engineering. Structural engineering is a subdivision of civil engineering and involves the analysis, design, construction and maintenance of structures such as bridges, towers, and buildings. It is also offered as a separate discipline in colleges and universities at the graduate level, resulting in a master's or doctorate degree. Structural engineers are licensed or accredited by different academic societies and regulatory bodies around the world (e.g.

the Institution of Structural Engineers in the UK). They must ensure that materials are compatible with designs and comply with Australian standards. For example, a structural engineer must ensure that a building or bridge does not collapse due to insufficient design or ill-chosen materials. Some of the most commonly used structural materials, which will be selected based on the needs of the project, include wood, concrete, steel and masonry. The role of a structural engineer today involves a meaningful understanding of static and dynamic loads and the structures that are available to withstand them.

They must also approve materials for a design or help solve a structural problem. While the job of a civil engineer is to do the planning and design, the structural engineer must ensure that all structures are strong, durable, and made of quality materials. Shoe and slab drawings are also the responsibility of the structural engineer because they must ensure that materials are compatible with designs and comply with Australian standards. Another international organization is the IABSE (International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineering). In conclusion, both civil engineering and structural engineering are very crucial when it comes to design and construction work.

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